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Finding and structuring a financing that meets your requirements is a complex process that is often time-consuming, frustrating and confusing.

The capital markets change on a daily basis. Understanding which sector or institution is currently providing capital for a particular use or industry is essential to matching your needs with the best capital source. H. Roark’s professionals are constantly monitoring these markets and maintain relationships with a broad range of capital providers ranging from bank and asset-based lenders to venture capitalists and private equity groups.

As a member firm of the National Association of Securities Dealers, H. Roark can also raise equity capital through direct securities offerings such as private placements and public offerings. These offerings are often far less dilutive and allow existing owners to maintain a greater degree of control than financing through other sources.

Whether your financing needs are for expansion, acquisitions, refinancing existing debt or simply general corporate use, H. Roark can help you through each step of the process and ensure that you achieve the optimal capital structure for your needs.

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