Growing through mergers and acquisitions has become a fundamental strategy component of almost all successful companies.

However, finding the right acquisition at the right price, optimally structuring and successfully negotiating the transaction is a complex process. The professionals at H Roark have spent decades mastering these details and have collectively performed over 100 M&A assignments totaling over $1 Billion in value.

These decades of experience have allowed H Roark to assemble a collection of “Best Practices” tools and techniques that are part and parcel of our approach.

Techniques such as the Merger and Acquisition/Fit Chart planning process are used to develop optimal growth strategies and profiles of prospective acquisition candidates. Web-based search techniques in conjunction with our proprietary databases are used to identify and locate prospective merger or acquisition candidates. Acquisition teams are formed, comprised of those H. Roark professionals best suited to structure and negotiate a particular transaction and industry, legal and accounting specialists are brought in only as necessary.

The result is a smooth, coordinated process that minimizes costs and wasted time while generating superior results.

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